Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The 3.73 Gear, Steeda Pulley and the Trac-Lok is in!

All of the parts are installed!

I pulled the Thunderbird out on the first nice day we had after a couple of rain storms, cleaned her up and took her in for the parts install. All I have to say is.. Wow.. I wish I could have done this with my Sable. It feels like I am still in 3rd gear when I am in 4th. It pulls very nicely and this really got rid of the muddy 50-75 MPH I had before.

Next up is the not-so-glammorus valve stem replacement. The stems are breaking down causing oil burn out the tail pipe. Get behind any Crown Vic or Mustang from this vintage and you will see some white smoke. Mine does it a bit, so its being handled.

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