Friday, October 2, 2009

Done for the season! Driveshaft and 3.73s coming!

Its been awhile since my last update, I have been out having fun with the Bird! We went to the Downriver Cruise, Milan Dragway and other madness. She is running good, she has came a long way since I bought her a year ago. She got some new Autolite Platinum plugs before I put her away for the year. She is sitting under a Dupont tyvek cover now, waiting for spring.

We picked up the above at the end of the season. She is getting 3.73 gears and a 1993 Lincoln Mark VIII aluminum driveshaft installed when Spring rolls in. The gears are Ford Racing (made in the USA) and a Timken re-build kit. The Mark VIII driveshaft was from a cash for clunker car. Before I found this one, I bought a two peice version that is on the 1994-1998 Mark VIIIs. For one reason or another Ford decided to change the design of the driveshaft after a few months to a two peice design. While I still think that the one piece would have worked, I couldn't resist buying the more desirable one piece. A lot of people think that a driveshaft change is not needed, but as I learned, our driveshafts are very long. After the gears are installed, the shaft will be spinning faster, which could cause some vibration and eventual failure. After this is installed, I am hoping for low 15s or high 14s. We will see if I can get any traction out there.
I have looked into body work and will be saving up for that after this is done.

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