Friday, October 2, 2009

SCT Tuned Thunderbird!

The Thunderbird is coming together nicely. The car has had some upgrades for looks and performance. The Kenwood CD player is a vintage unit from 1995, which replaced the stock unit that was incorrect. The speakers were replaced with two sets of Pioneer 3 way speakers. The sound is much improved over the old system.

Another upgrade is a SCT XCAL2 hand held tuner. The tuner allows for three programs, which include 87 octaine performance, 91 octaine performance and a 93 octaine track program. This unit also helpful for troubleshooting issues with the car. It provides information on sensors, air/fuel and other information. The tuner hardware is provided by

Rounding out the upgrades include new headlights to replace the nasty yellowed ones.

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  1. I am really interested in the cars made from the 90's. I have one too. It's pretty nice and When it comes to headlight restoration, it's polish or replace. I replaced my stock headlights for aftermarket for a better look with my car.